Club History

The Vancouver Island Lure Coursing Association was formed in June 1997 with the following Executive elected: President Lee Muirhead, Vice-President Pat Newman, Treasurer Debra Verzyl and Secretary Rose Wilson. Membership has changed over the years as people's interests change. One of the founding members is still involved with the Club.

The Club tries to hold a practice about once a month (weather and field conditions permitting). Club members pay $5 per hound and non-members pay $10 per hound, with each hound getting 2 runs. We also hold CAP and Sprinters events.

We usually hold a 2 day, CKC sanctioned, lure coursing trial in the spring and fall, usually up in the area between Duncan and Nanaimo where there are farmers willing to allow us to use their fields free of charge. We hold a raffle at each trial with the proceeds going to help to pay for the cost of a very essential and expensive piece of equipment - the "portable-toilet". The proceeds from the raffle have enabled us to keep our entry fees quite low.

We currently have: President - Jessica Irving , Vice-President - Laurel Deptuch, Treasurer - Roberta Parish, Secretary - Roberta Parish and Past President - Carole Adley. Currently we have about 14 members, who own Afghans, Borzoi, Basenjis, Greyhounds, Saluki, Scottish Deerhounds and Whippets.